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To support your product development and offer an additional R&D capacity, MSL Circuits has chosen design partners to meet different needs : hardware, software, mechatronic and simultaneous engineering...

Our partners work within your development cycle and our industrial constraints to provide the expertise and performance.

These partnerships for your project allow MSL Circuits to call upon approximately one hundred engineers, specialists in electronics and experts in their different fields.

They offer your team an extension of skills compatible with our quality requirements, such as :

  • wireless communication
  • geo-localisation
  • low power
  • high power

They will also provide methodology, project development and reliability.

Partnership and independence guarantee you the choice of the best partner to meet your needs.

Our design partners :
Examples of design services
  • BOM Analysis, product design optimisation
  • Development of hardware/software for an ECU chassis
  • Hardware development for a medical communication card
  • Design quotations to analyse industrial feasibility of an intelligent sensor
  • Redesign for new applications and reduction of operational costs